The Next Destination


June has always been a month of reflection for me. A few key events collide in June: my birthday, the academic year ends here in Poland, and a few of my closest friends also have their birthdays. It's a 30-day period of finishing up not-yet-done things, reflecting on the whole past year, and deciding where to go next.

While I do also get this feeling during late December/early January, it is usually stronger in June. So, basically, I get two major reflections a year.

But, while in December I do get a real break (Christmas & New Years), there is usually no such break in June. That makes the whole reflecting and summarizing thing much, much harder. Year after year I was promising myself go about it differently this time. Only to fail continuously.

This year I said: enough, I have to do it differently. And so I did. Right now I am still on my sabbatical, and am planning to take the next week very lightly. My birthday is this Wednesday - so I'm going to take that day off, too.

Reviewing the past & understanding what can happen in the future is an absolutely amazing skill. It's something we're too way too often inclined to ignore. It's not something we're taught at school. Sadly.

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