Respecting Rest


The main problem we have with rest is that we don't treat it with respect. We don't respect it's importance, it's value.

We treat work as this kind of a holy, majestic thing we do. We talk about work whenever we can; for a lot of folks, where they work defines who they are. In the western world, we very often start conversations with: "Hey, I'm Jim, I work in accounting". Not "Hey, I'm Jim, I'd love to learn more about y'all today".

We do not have unlimited power. Maybe, sometimes, some of us would like to, but currently, this is not possible. A balanced life is exactly what it sounds like: the right mix of opposing/different things. And it's just like that with work and rest: both should be treated with the same amount of respect, attention, devotion, and emotion.

Ain't no day without night.

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