One of the best things about writing a daily blog is the ability of going back, reminding yourself of past posts, and just having a chance for some retrospection.

Today is my birthday. The day was good, got a chance to rest and enjoy life. Yet, all day long I couldn't stop thinking about how much more vividly I remember last year's birthday than the one before that.

Behind every post there's a much bigger story on my end. It takes a lot of time for an idea to surface, get refined. If I was publishing everything, completely without thinking, this blog would be a total shithole. Of course, due to it's nature (it's daily all in all), I don't have much time to overthink. A single day is just the right amount of time for an idea to get polished, but it's also not enough for oblivious intellectualism.

Whenever I go back and read my posts, I can remember where I was writing it. When (what time of the day) was it. How was I feeling around that time.

Writing daily is the best therapy out there, trust me.

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