There is a lot of value in an individual break, as I've described not too long ago while going through my sabbatical. Such breaks allow for deeper self-discovery, mindful rest, and thoughtful processing of things going on around us.

Yet, a group break is useful too. It's really good to know that you're entire team is resting all at the same time. Once in a while, every 7 or 8 weeks, a week-long, company-wide sabbatical might be just the thing your team as a whole needs. See, a group break does two things. First, it levels the playing field; everybody gets to rest the same amount of time. Second, it let's everyone rest fully, because they know that there isn't anyone working while they're resting. No guilt for being away.

Team-wide retreats add on to this strategy; they allow everyone to both rest, and meet co-workers in a completely different light.

When you're doing the right thing, let everybody enjoy it.

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