Wrapping Up


Everything in life deserves an ending, a wrap-up.

Life can feel pretty "fluid" - time passes without our involvement, many things happen "automatically". After day comes night, and after that, day again. I feel like many people, after finishing education, fall into this trap of constant work - there isn't this thing called "summer break", a perfect time for a wrap-up. It's always another day of menial work after another.

What if things were different? What if we would let everyone take meaningful time off to wrap up? To think? Ponder their current existence, their values, their goals, their dreams. Decide on what do they truly care about?

It is humanly not possible to always sprint. After all that exhaustion, tiredness, we are unable to think clearly. We need a time to rest; not too long, so that our muscles don't become inflexible; not too short, so that we actually get a chance to wind down.

Going only for the sake of going is oftentimes quite good. In many cases, it's good to just start doing something, just for the sake of gaining momentum, and eventually, knowledge. Through that earned knowledge we can then understand our core driving values and goals more deeply.

For me, there is a clear limit of how much can I be going for the sake of going. Not in all areas of life, but in most. After pretty specific period of time, things become hard to get behind. There is a need for a higher purpose; something that fulfills not only our animal desires of more, but also the higher desire of good.

All change starts with some discomfort. We notice the need for a change after some part of the current reality just stops fitting the bigger picture. It starts being uncomfortable, nudging us to act. To change. After the nudge becomes more and more noticeable, our monkey brain, constantly dying for something more interesting and "fun" than the last, starts moving. Debating. Dreaming. Hoping. This reminds me of the centrifugal force in science. Every spin, every thought about change, brings us closer and closer to real action.

What is the driving force behind you? What starts you up?

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