First Mind


I used to have a tendency to say whatever came across my mind. To always speak right after thinking. Sometimes even the other way.

Many people do this. We hear something we don't like; we immediately speak our first mind. Things that incite strong emotions, whether positive or negative, are almost impossible to pass on. It's both tempting, and easy to speak right away.

Well, it hardly ever truly works out. Sure, it does let the emotions out, which is something we don't do enough, but ultimately it doesn't work towards a meaningful, respectful conversation. Barking on people just doesn't work.

So what I'm trying to implement these days in my communication is mindful consideration. Giving myself time before speaking on important matters. It just so happens that the more time I give myself, the more scenarios get created in my brain. I'm able to see more sides of the story. Understand, or at least try to understand, how the other side might think.

A lot of people seem to be going with the no bullshit approach. Whenever they see something that doesn't pass their "bullshit radar", they immediately discredit it and stop thinking constructively about the thing. Quite frankly, this approach is bullshit in its own right. Ha! Everything has some value. Especially people.

Maybe this will backfire someday. Maybe I'll regret not speaking my first mind.

So far I haven't.

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