Rough Edges


I find tremendous beauty in the idea development process. Seeing ideas grow, starting slowly as a simple thought, almost impossible to imagine. In the end, transforming into world-changing things.

When is the right time to "ship" an idea? Make it public? Launch the product? Establish the organization?

On one hand, there are folks who like to wait until absolutely everything is absolutely perfect. Every part of the thing has to, in their own mind, be completely complete. Absolute perfectionism.

The problem with this approach is that, pretty often, folks don't even know what they want to reach. Where they want to get. They strive for some impossible state of "perfection", not knowing where or how to get there. Or where even that place is.

I like to "ship" things when they are 70% ready. Usable, understandable, functional, but still not perfectly perfect. This way I can actually gather meaningful feedback about the thing. And make it better.

Don't be afraid of the rough edges. Yes, they are not sharp. But they won't cut your hand, too.

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