Unreasonable Reasons


Taking action is not hard. It may seem to be, but that's only because it is not the default option these days.

I don't know if this is just a sign of the times, but I feel like we are too often mixing up intent with impact these days. We all "mean to do well", right? According to my belief, everyone is a good person and we should trust them by default. And so, following that philosophy, everyone's intent should be good, too.

In my humble opinion, most people truly wish to do good. But only on their own terms, only the way they'd do it themselves. See, most people are not willing to listen to a different person's perspective. We are unable to sit down, take a breath, and listen. Listen meaningfully, trying to really get into the other persons seat.

Because of that inability to listen, we are omitting the importance of impact. Of the things that might happen because of the thing we did. It is hard to be a prophet; and I'm not asking anyone to become one. All I'm asking is to listen. And care. Care about the other side.

Even if it doesn't exist.

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