We Did It


Who killed truth?

We did it.

We did it by ignoring slow change. By not getting out of our comfort zones and asking questions, proactively. By letting things slide.

We were never good at this; whenever something urgent, but not necessarily important popped up, we shifted our focus to it. We ignored change that was happening over many lifetimes. Well, it was hard to see - someone may say. Yes, hard, but not impossible. That's a difference. Thinking about the future was always somebody else's job. God's job. An oracle's job. The universe's job.

Most of our inventions have made our lives easier, while very few had the goal of making sure that life can even exist. That it can exist, be lived gracefully, and in harmony with everything and everyone around us. Electricity can save lives, but mostly, it just makes cooking dinner easier.

Take the current coronavirus pandemic, for example. We've known that a pandemic is coming for a long time. There were warnings after warnings, but most of us didn't listen. Our leaders certainly didn't. We sold off stockpiles, cut off healthcare funding, strained international relief efforts. It was easier for us to close our eyes, cross our fingers, and say "hopefully this ain't going to happen in our lifetime". But it did. And we couldn't do anything to stop it. Crossing fingers didn't work this time, sorry.

These days, there are at least two truths anywhere you look; every opinion has its counter-opinion. 5G causes coronavirus? You bet. WHO is run by aliens? That's why they have so much money!

Just look at presidential/parliamentary debates in three democratic countries of your choosing. Every candidate is asked the same question; yet all answer completely differently, very often using a different point of truth. Yes, you've read it right. Not the truth. A truth.

While COVID may be the "biggest" event of our current times, there is something much larger looming in the background, and it's been there for a long time. Climate change is slow. Painfully slow for humans. We can't really feel it's effects, at least most of us can't. We already know it's too late to fully reverse it, yet still, so many people don't believe it even exists. Two truths, one real, the other fake. Yet both, to our dismay, carry the label of truth.

What can we do? Well, we can't resurrect something that's dead, it's gone. We are living in a post-truth world. But we're still kicking the dead body, furiously. That's how we spend our time these days. My proposition? Get back to work, idiots! (Me included).

Let's, for once, work on creating slow change, the one thing we've always been bad at. But, this time, do it consciously, with a purpose. Even, if it's just to support a lie.

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