Creational Velocity


I aspire to be an artist in everything I do; creating, synthesizing, instead of replicating what's already there. Being creative, that is. Through thorough observation and analysis of existing things, creating something new. What is original, btw?.

Writing this blog forces me do that in some way. While the number of truly "breakthrough" posts is not very high, each and every one is an original, personal take on a particular issue.

Creativity is a powerful force. Yet, it seems to be a force most of us don't control. We don't control its intensity, speed, sometimes even direction.

I find this incredibly interesting in the context of writing this blog: I have to write it every single day, all the while my creativity is, well... Somewhere. I have to continue going with the same, constant speed, practically with little control over the engine that drives it all.

I have actually one pretty interesting observation from this experience. Forcing yourself to write publicly about something every single day, even when your creativity is not there, and ideas can't seem to stick together, teaches you how to make even the dumbest thought presentable. And maybe, making it better in the process. Clarifying parts you didn't think about before.

Taming a wild animal is a tricky process; tame it too little, it will run away. Tame it too much, it won't fight.

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