Creating In Peace


Hey! This is Issue #13 of my old newsletter, published November 2019. Enjoy!

Today's issue is going to be short. Right now I'm in a car, driving through southeastern Poland, not really having the energy to write anything. But, here I am.

Usually, it's pretty easy for me to write these issues every single Sunday. I consider taking time off a very important thing, and so, Sundays are free from work. I wake up around 7 am (instead of the usual 5am), start the day with a slow-paced run, sit down with my family for breakfast, and then take time to prepare and then consume delightful coffee. Later on, depending of the time of the year, there's usually some stuff do to in the garden. So I go and work physically for around three hours. Then comes lunchtime, and after that I'm free to do whatever I want. So, I grab my notebook & pen and find a quiet, cosy place to write. Usually it's my terrace. If the weather is good I go to the forest and lay on the ground. Surrounded by peace & beautiful nature, thoughts flow easily. Whatever it is that I'm writing, this newsletter or something else, it's always very pleasing.

That's what makes me enjoy creating. Getting into that state of mind, where thoughts start to become so undoubtedly clear, is just beautiful. And the best part is that it pushes you to write more next time.

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