Late Night Musings


Hey! This is issue #15 of my old newsletter, INSFB, published November 2019. Enjoy!

Oh, there's just so much going on...

So many projects all at once...

Yet, I still need to grow. It'd be very easy to say no to reading, writing, exercising, spending time with family, meditating etc. I could just say yes to all work, focusing all my time and effort on completing these pretty damn important things. But I'm not giving up. There are things that seem important at first, but they're essentially just urgent. Urgency (in work) is the enemy of balance. Period.


I wonder what would happen if all people started being honest. Imagine if we managed, as a society, to decrease lying by at least 50%. Gosh, the world would be much, much better. Lies are quick & easy "patches" to problems. But after some time they fall off. And the wound is not healed.


Habits are incredibly powerful. I recently bought a paper version of Atomic Habits by James Clear - it's an amazing book. Since January, I started to really care about the small actions of everyday - something I've never done before. Every single habit compounds into a better life.


The Night has come. You can't see with your eyes, only with your heart.

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