Back On The Track


Hey! This is issue #17 of my old newsletter, INSFB, published February this year. Enjoy!

I've been away. Away from this blog and the ever-changing responsibilities. Had time to think, or, should I say, rethink The Balance. A year has ended, a new one just begun.

As I was finishing up my year-end review, I realized how incredibly important all my work has been. All the habits I built, all the projects I worked on. It's so easy to neglect the small things. 

I worked hard in 2019. Pushed forward, grinded down and tried to create a new me. A better version, one can say. But, it was very hard to see the results. Almost impossible, I guess.

It's hard to see, and even harder to understand the larger picture. But, at least it's possible.

It requires significant time away from your responsibilities, friends, family, co-workers, even thoughts. Going away to a cabin in the woods for a week might be a good idea. Just don't take your work laptop with you. 

Understanding yourself is probably the hardest part of being human. It takes time, and sometimes can get pretty painful. It's an endless journey, but a beautiful one too.

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