Rules For Life


Hey! This is issue #1 of my old newsletter, INSFB, published June 2020. This is the last "filler" post - I'm back from travelling and back at regular, everyday writing. See you tomorrow!


There's one question that is boggling my mind, and to be honest it has boggled me ever since I became truly conscious about my life.

How should I live? What rules should I adopt? Which philosophy? 

I need rules. I need something to fall back on when my common sense fails. It will fail, because that's how humans work. We cannot be 100% conscious and mindful in every single moment. 

The Balance

At this very moment, I know one thing: I need to find, embrace & learn The Balance. I can distinguish the good from the bad, I know which values I care about, and what do I want to seek in life. 

There are many things I have to do, and many more that I want to do. I need to master the art of juggling, of focusing on one thing at a timebut not stopping. 

Maybe what I'm seeking here is impossible to find. Maybe it's reserved for people far smarter & "whole-ier" than me. Or maybe it's right in front of me, but I just can't see it yet.

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