Decisions Of Unimportance


Decisions can be tough; we all have faced some really tough ones in our lives, no doubt. They hide around every corner, often appearing in the toughest moments. That's just how it is, oh dear.

A bigger problem I often notice is not evaluating the importance of the decision itself.

We often jump into decision-making hastily. The urge to have a decision already made, and, more often, a clear outcome is just too powerful for many of us. We descend into the particulars, weigh the pros and cons, all often without even deciding if the decision is worth deciding.

Saying no to things and escaping unimportance is an incredibly tough task; one we're all constantly learning. But we should, nay, must ask ourselves:

Will even the worst outcome of this decision have any benefit to me and others around me?
Is this a decision I truly have to make?
Is this a decision I care about?
Does spending time on making this decision make sense?
Shouldn't I move on?

It's impossible to predict the future; but, I think, it's possible to smell it.

Don't let decisions of unimportance haunt you on every corner.

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