A Stupid Crash


Since I came back from vacation, I've been cycling a lot these past few days. No COVID-in-public-transit for me. And, actually, since the weather is still pretty nice, I enjoy using my bike as the main mode of transportation. I get a looooot of exercise, too! My daily average is around 35 kilometers - how nice! To be honest, while we have new and modern public transit vehicles here in Krakow, the routes are not usually very fast - I'm often faster on my bike.

Today was my first real crash (on this new bike). I'm fine, just a few tiny bruises and a scratch on my all-black mountain bike.

But, hell, it was a real stupid crash. It wasn't that I crashed into a car, or fell into a hole in the sidewalk. I was on a perfectly fine bike path alongside the river and just moved my attention to some other people on the other side of the river. And crashed into a stone wall.

How fucking stupid.

All of this made me think about the moments when we loose attention and crash. It's easy to be vigilant when there's danger around - much harder when everything seems to be same.

But, since we're always moving (physically, metaphorically, mentally), there's always place for a crash.

You can only truly relax when you stop. Stop your commitments, obligations and expectations.

Otherwise, you'll end up in a stupid crash.

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