Preliminary Autopsy


"What did I do wrong?" is a phrase I hear quite often from people around me. To be perfectly honest; I've used it many times, too.

This phrase and the mindset that comes with it assumes that something is already done; it happened, and there is no chance to fix it. We quickly move into the autopsy phase and try to deduct the cause of death.

Sure, there are so many aspects of life where things can happen in stages, where there is a clear boundary between what is done and what is not.

Most things, especially human-related are kind of fluid. It's hard to determine an end.

Relationships? Growth? Philosophy? Thought? Health - mental and physical? Work? Design?

All of those things are continuous. There's always place and time to fix them.

What did I do wrong? is just a different way of saying I wish I was different.

Let's make that happen.

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