Over-thinking and over-intellectualism are hiding everywhere in today's world. More and more of us suffer from anxiety, worrying about things out of our control.

Sometimes, doesn't it feel like it's impossible to escape? Like everything around us is designed to make us worry, go in circles?

Thinking is pretty nice. Getting lost in your thoughts is kind of... beautiful. Yet too much of anything, but especially thinking, can wreck one's psyche.

Here I'd like to introduce the concept of un-thinking. There are definitely many different names of that idea; it's simply all about cleaning your mind.

True un-thinking, for me, doesn't just happen when we're free; during weekends, on vacation, etc. Un-thinking happens everyday, at almost every step. It's like a deep breath for your mind.

Finding what makes you tick into un-thinking is a fascinating process. For me, there's one word: nature.

Stop thinking now; you wont know when you've had enough.

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