Being Nice


I feel like I've written about this already. Or maybe I have, but in my mind. Either way, this is something that we need all to be reminded about. So let's go, again (or not).

Being nice is nice. It doesn't require much from us: just a simple smile. A more polite way of saying the same thing. Holding the door for someone. Simple, but impactful.

By being nice we show that we care. Not only about the person we're being nice to, but also humanity as a whole. That we respect what it means to be human, that we respect ourselves as much as we respect other people.

Respect spreads exponentially. It has a pretty high R factor (ugh Covid). A little drop of niceness here and there may result in a much larger wave overall. And it's even nicer to be on the receiving end of niceness. Just makes your day better.

Be nice.

Just because it's nice.

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