Pushing forward, growing, achieving success, and all of that feels good. Hard work pays off, truly. It always did and always will, no matter what we try to tell ourselves.

From time to time we'll take a hit. That's normal, it happens to all of us. It doesn't matter how hard we're trying, or what exactly are we doing, a hit will always come. Especially when we're not anticipating it.

Some of us think that after a hit, we'll just dust off our clothes, take a deep breath, and continue operating at the same high level as we did before. Those who think they're invincible will not appreciate taking a hit.

Recovery is very important. Respecting the time and work required to get back on the same level is crucial. Any professional will tell you that. Because, sometimes, if we raise up too quickly after a hit, we might fall down again.

Listening to your body, your mind, your soul, those around you is incredibly precious. Take your time, don't rush. You'll get back there someday. Maybe just not today.

Don't be the one who, while raising up from his knees, fell down on his face.

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