Calm Is Better


When doing something, we often strive for effectiveness, fulfillment, proficiency. We care about the results, wanting to achieve better ones every time. It's a perfectly valid approach; one that can truly help us grow each day.

But, I think there's one word we're omitting from that toolbox: calm. We should be striving for things to be calm, too. A stressful thing, no matter how pompous in its results, will be remember as stressful, not necessarily enjoyable. And sure, not everything we do in life has to be enjoyable, but at least most of it should, right? Enjoyable in the sense that we want to do it without incentive, out of the pure joy of doing it; so it can be either hard work or easy play, still enjoyable.

Calm gives even the most menial tasks a new look; they may not be giving us joy, but they won't certainly be leaving a scar in our memories. Stress leads to unnecessary fatigue, it reduces our overall daily capacity to create, to think clearly. It's a dreadful thing we should all avoid and fight when confronted. Nobody deserves a life full of stress; sure, a drop of it here and there might help, but constant stress is awful.

So, that's why things deserve to be calm. Even when that might mean they'd be a bit less interesting.

A calm life leads to a calm mind.

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