There is this beautiful word out there: humane. An adjective that describes what is human and what is not. So simple, yet so powerful. A word we supposedly all know, yet, it seems, we've forgotten what it means altogether.

While everyone has their own set of values, there are some that have to be shared. These are the most basic ones, the ones that make us human. We have to share them, for the sake of retaining humanity ourselves and helping others retain it.

We've already seen what can happen when we dehumanize humans. Hitler and the gang have shown us how this works on a never-before-seen scale. It's awful, turns people into machines, animals. Depriving us of our basic moral instincts, canceling the internal stop-brakes most of us have.

We cannot be building stuff that is not humane. Whether it's science, technology, medicine, social/culture work, and, most importantly, mass effort. All of this needs to remain humane.

Otherwise, we'll be our own slayer.

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