Back On The Bike


Today was my first day back on the back after a three week break. I was dealing with some sort of illness, and today looked like the day I might finally go out again. I had a great time, even though it was pretty tough, physically. I kinda pushed myself to go as fast as I normally would, while my physical condition wasn't normal. Just had to take the precautionary dose of salbutamol to not suffocate on the trip.

I think I'm experiencing a deja vu, aren't I?

I've "gone back" already a few months ago. Not in the cycling aspect, but in a more general one. There was no normality for a couple of months, and then it suddenly appeared again. Just like that, out of the blue. "This virus is going away", the PM said.

And now, when it feels like we're going to loose that normality again, I'm wondering: was it worth getting back to it in the first place? While we all knew that this wasn't going to last for long?

We've done a cheap, ugly, nasty trick. Delayed the inevitable. Procrastinated on the issue of life, for fuck's sake. And now we'll pay the debt with a shit ton of interest.

You can't delay your problems.

You can't get off the bike.

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