Out Of Our Minds


We're in our minds all day, everyday. Constantly thinking, pondering, wondering, remembering, tinkering. Every little moment is spent on being in there.

All that movement creates junk, debris. Stuff that is worthless, but limits the capacity of our brain.

Getting out of your mind and into the world is such an important thing to do these days. Some of us would stay in there all the time, only if we could. Live through your body, with the world, together with people. Not in your mind.

Doing manual things is a great way to do that. Fiddling with something physical, something repetitive, is almost detoxicating. It's like a complete removal of that debris inside of our mind. Find an activity that takes time, is manual, monotonous, but leaves you with something of value. Even just the value of the work you'd put into it.

Get out, don't starve.

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