Time To Fight


I usually stay as far from politics as possible. Sure, I might have opinions on things, but I try very hard to stay away from endless debate, polarization, and conflict. Politics can never be "solved" - it is a never ending mess, which will exist as long as humans do.

Almost a week ago our Constitutional Court ruled that abortion is illegal except in cases of rape, endangerment of woman's life, or irreparable damage of the fetus. This ruling effectively banned all legally performed abortions in Poland, sparking outrage all through our community.

Now is the time to fight. To show up and resist the damage made to freedom and democracy. To support all our brave women, to show how true cooperation and kindness work.

This ruling is a breaking point for me. As it is for many others, too. Up to this point, I tolerated all the decisions of our government. Sure, I have not agreed with them often, but I still kind of respected them. Well, they were elected by a majority, so just gotta put up with this! So I thought.

But this is getting into the territory of things that should not be touched. We're seeing democracy and liberal values torn apart in front of our eyes.

Now is the time to fight.

Because, if we don't, there might not be another chance.

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