Music Heals


Music is a lovely art form.

Quite a lot of people listen to music. It's everywhere, and it's not easy to completely avoid it. Yet, I feel like most people treat it as entertainment, not expression.

It's not wrong, of course. But, getting deeper into music may help you better understand yourself. Music can heal, music can break. The same song can influence people in very different ways. Listen to it a couple of times, get into the lyrics. Isolate all the instruments. Ask: what does this mean?

I am not a true music nerd. But I like it enough to give it space and time. To let it resonate within me. Sometimes without reflection, sometimes with true deep consideration. It's a companion of mine; through the toughest moments, through the brightest ones. Always with me.

As Justin Vernon once said:

This is not entertainment; this is a spiritual fucking thing.

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