Your People


An important reminder; mostly for me, but hopefully for others too.

Treat your people well.

You don't have to know who are your people exactly. Heck, it might even be the whole world. It might be just one person. But it's incredibly important to find them, build relations with them, care about them.

You're not here to serve yourself; you're here to serve others. Everybody is. We exist connected, interwoven. Not as separate planets, but as whole galaxies. You may have your own world, but it'll always be part of a larger one.

Care about your people because they will care about you. When you need them, they'll be there. All it takes is to be present, be helpful, be supportive.

You'll know when someone stops belonging to the my people group. Let them go. If they want to be free, let them be free. They'll find their people, for better or worse.

Let your people be best.

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