Our Humanity


No matter how much we debate, how much we argue, how much we differ, we have to remember one thing:

We can't loose our humanity.

Everybody has probably a different definition of this term; yet, most of us have at least a tiny notion of what that could mean. We have to keep it, believe in it, and build on it.

It's easy to degrade, disrespect, de-humanize. Sure, it takes some skill; but it's not skill that's hard to find. For the majority, critiquing is easier than complementing. So we stick with what's easiest, available, normal.

Unfortunately, de-humanizing is becoming normal. Viewing somebody, anybody, as the ominous them is expanding its roots in our community. Or maybe it's just re-activating old forgotten ones? Maybe we've been like this all the way?

Nevertheless, we have to fight. Not against ourselves, but for the sake of our shared, fragile, but virtuous humanity.

It takes a single thread ripped to break the entire fabric.

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