Common Resonance


We're not just separate beings; we exist connected, whole.

While we all operate on different wavelengths, and every single one of us is fundamentally different, there are still many things that can hit us all.

Many of our values that we take for granted; liberty, respect, equality, expression, are just constructs. Things we all (or most of us) agree on.

Some things resonate with all of us. They reverberate through the entire society. They're like waves on a sea full of drops. A tragic event, a new trend, a social upheaval.

What if we could use this phenomenon to "send" positivity? Create hope and let it resonate? Strengthen our courage?

Maybe it could be done in the same way we've built our social constructs?

All I can say we certainly need that now. Courage and resonance. Common courage and resonance.

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