All I Know


All I know is that I don't know anything.

That's my default position in life. It's been that way for some time. So far, I've seen only benefits of that approach.

In my social circle quite often I'm the guy that "solves problems". I mean, it's not like I know stuff. But I quite often hear people saying: "Go to Alex, he'll help you". And I try to, whenever I can.

When you're in that position, it's extremely tempting to preach. Go "above" others and tell them what to do, how to live. I've done that, trust me. It was tempting, it was obvious. So I did it.

Oh boy. That's what you can truly call a fake life. Living on false presumptions, deceiving not only everybody around, but yourself too. How bad has someone be to lie to themselves?

I mean, we all do that to varying degrees. Me included. But it's bad nonetheless.

I don't know anything. Any "advice" I may give is just a suggestion. Not an absolute solution.

A fake prophet is worse than no prophet.

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