Sightseeing Trip


I wrote about reflection many, many times. It's a topic I just can't get enough of, I suppose.

A great metaphor I recently crafted and that helped me visualize the concrept even further is the one of going on a sightseeing tour.

Reflecting on your life, your past, your present and your future is kind of like going on a sightseeing tour of a place. You visit the landmarks, the worthy spots. Get an overview of the place. You hear the most interesting stories; the ones that laid the foundations for everything else.

Even though I've lived in Krakow my whole live, and know a lot of stuff about it, I've decided to go on a touristy-type sightseeing tour some time ago before COVID. It was a fascinating experience; even though I knew all the historical facts, all the details, the tour gave me a very fresh and whole look at the city. During the everyday, I could only see it as pieces, not as the whole puzzle. I couldn't possibly be grasping the entirety of such a bustling city every single day; it could only be done when I went on the tour.

So, go on a tour of your own life. Visit the landmarks, explore the stories. Jump from place to place. Look for connections. See the whole map.

Please take photos during the trip.

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