Shared Language


It's incredibly interesting how we use the phrase "seek common language" in various scenarios. It's a call to unite, call to collaborate. But, is it truly achievable? Can we find truly common language?

At first, it seems like it's impossible. We speak so many different languages, each built and operated in fundamentally different ways. Even when translated, so much will be lost; almost every language has a specific "tint" to it that you can't convey through other means. Other than language, we all have our own truths. Our way of viewing life. Our way of finding meaning, fulfillment. You can't really say some truth is better than other; you'll always be biased.

But, if we look at it the other way, there are stories that every human would understand. Stories of emotions, values, decisions. These things that unite us all in our humanity. When you strip away the bias, the context, the baggage each culture carries, then, maybe, we'll be able to truly create universal language. It will be basic, but at the same time incredibly expressive.

As expressive as our existence can be.

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