I used to use generalizations so, so often.

Okay, maybe that was a generalization within itself, but I still think it's mostly true. I did it so often. "All these people are dumb". "All your ideas are worthless". "Whatever I do is good".

Oh, how easy it easy to throw these blanket statements and cover everything with them. So natural, so inconsequential. I mean, that's just my opinion, right? Since when am I not allowed to have opinions? Duh.

It took me some time to realize that this habit of generalizing, of labeling a wide variety of things the same way, didn't work well. It made me prejudiced, biased, subjective. And, quite frankly, mean. People didn't want to talk with me, and, at some point, I didn't really want to debate with myself either. All lost in the endless mess of blanket statements.

Ego overdrive.

These days, I really really try to guard myself and refrain from generalizing. Since it's hurtful, unproductive, biasing, then why should I do it?

Whenever someone asks me about a general opinion about something, I either tell them: "I have no opinion", to tell them off, or: "let's sit down and I'll give you the full picture, but it may take a while".

Of course, the skill of synthesizing is still incredibly valuable. Drawing conclusions, seeing the whole picture is right. But not when it's based on half-truths, prejudices and laziness.

Don't cover your world with a blanket; you won't see it then.

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