I find it particularly easy to put oneself under the spell of notdoingnothingism. You know, the moments in life when you truly don't want, or can't, do anything.

The days you spent on watching Netflix, staying in bed all day, disregarding everything around you. The months you spent being stuck in the same though-loop. You know the deal.

While it is truly often caused by external factors, such as weather, people, diet, it's often not just accepted, but supported by the individual.

I see this in myself quite often; even when I know I'm in a rut, and I can't do anything meaningful, I don't do anything to stop it. Only to make it worse. I accept it, even support it by not doing anything against it. And this happens in people all around me, no matter old or young, energetic or calm. We all fall to this.

I'm writing this post as a reminder to myself to not wait. Do something energizing, something that'll wake you up.

Don't wait for a blessing.

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