I believe that the only reason why I'm here is to serve others.

That's it. That's all. That's what I build my life on.

Okay, let me dive in a bit.

Self-serving, constant pleasure, and doing things you like is fun. It truly is; I truly love to do it, from time to time. Planning your entire entire day just as you want, executing the plan how you want, and not being subject to anybody else's plans. That's pretty cool. But, while a lot of people desire to live only in that way, I have a different approach.

Helping is extremely powerful. Helping built on true respect, that is. It's easy to help just for the virtue signaling; but that may be even worse than not helping at all.

True, honest service to others can bring meaning, happiness, focus, and motivation to one's life. I feel it myself; whenever I know I'm positively impacting someone, it's so easy to complete the task! I dare to say that I've almost never procrastinated on fulfilling a request for help. And I'm proud of that.

Being a servant is an honor, not a must. You can choose to be uncool.

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