Have you ever watched Dr. Pimple Popper? It's satisfying, isn't it? If you haven't, go watch it.

It's weird at first. Let's be honest; not everybody enjoys watching massive pimples, cysts, blackheads and whatnot getting popped. It's often messy, raw. Not something to delight yourself with while eating.

Yet, at the end, it's hella satisfying. You feel the relief, the progress. The literal and metaphorical bubble burst. It's fascinating, to say the least.

For me, all of this is a metaphor for buildup we experience in our lives; the memories, the emotions, the scars. We all have a lot of it, gathering it as we go. It's often dangerous, toxic. Not lethal, but having a negative impact. It drags us down, leaving us in a state of inflammation.

Popping all of that nasty stuff is one of the best things a person can do. Mostly it happens through a life-changing experience; moving, finding a new partner, doing things you've been scared of before. Or maybe just sitting down for a talk with an old friend. No matter how, no matter when. Just pop the pimple; let the internal waste go away.

You're not a trashcan, for God's sake.

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