It's truly interesting to see people get paralyzed.

Not in the strict biological laying-on-the-ground-immobile sense. That's terrifying, especially when due to a medical condition.

I'm thinking about the more metaphorical way; people getting so surprised by a situation that they loose their groove. Paralyzed, in some sense.

It's incredibly interesting when it happens in objectively normal situations; waiting in line, when talking with a friend, giving a presentation. A healthy person shouldn't really have problems doing that, right?

Yet, a single element of reality; the one we haven't projected and anticipated for in any capacity, can throw us off track by much.

I'd say I'm a pretty flexible person. I've seen some weird stuff happen, and in almost all situations I can adapt.

Yesterday I got thrown off track so much. I won't say what exactly happened, but I'll say that it was something I couldn't truly fathom.

Oh, life.

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