Lesson 11: Pressure


20 Lessons From 2020

I changed my view on pressure in the aspect of work quite a few times. Some times I thought it was the necessary evil, the powerful good, or the absolute atrocity. Last year I hinged onto the "necessary evil" approach.

Now I'm back on the atrocity side.

I hate being pressured to work on something. I hate pressuring others to work on something. If someone doesn't want to do something, then why they should do it?

Working under pressure takes a toll. And the bill you have to pay is (in my opinion) always bigger than the benefit of having done the work. Thus, everyone should focus on doing only stuff they want to do, and eradicate pressure from their work.

It's not a flip of a switch, but is something that we should strive for in the long term. Almost all of us do some things under pressure; that's fine. But the goal should be to minimize that as much as possible.

Let's enjoy the live we have, aye? Do amazing work, meaningfully, willingly, without killing ourselves over it.

Lesson eleven: don't put others under pressure; don't let yourself be put under it.

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