Lesson 10: Ego


20 Lessons From 2020

Ego is my worst enemy - knew that for a while. Been fighting it for a long time.

This year provided the opportunity for a fascinating experiment. Ego acts up most when in front of an audience - but, this year, no one was watching. Not in the traditional sense at least. There was a lot of solitude, much more than ever before. It was more of a blow to the ego than I could've ever wished.

(Un)surprisingly, the results were real good; that lack of audience to perform in front of, that forced solitude, helped. Summer was the best summer in a long time, in that I didn't carry the mental weight and anxiety from the academic year. Ego got a restraining order. It didn't learn how to perform over Zoom, haha.

Still much work lies ahead of me in that regard. But at least now I know one more tactic to help me with the work.

Lesson ten: to best fight the ego, simply remove its air supply.

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