Lesson 14: Presence


20 Lessons From 2020

This year was truly the year when we realized we can be everywhere but nowhere at the same time. The idea of presence has truly changed from what it has been before.

Now I can talk with hundreds of friends from all around the world, but not see anyone in person.

It seems like I can be in multiple places at a time. Tempting, very tempting.

Yet exactly because of this it's incredibly important to carefully choose where you are. Who you spend time with. How - an in-person meeting is wildly different from a text message. And when.

When you're in multiple places at a time with multiple people, in reality, you're nowhere. With no one. Everything you do, all your interactions are built on the false ambition of conquering: attention, passion, satisfaction.

It's not a good idea to conquer people. Just befriend them.

Lesson fourteen: don't multitask your people.

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