Lesson 19: People


20 Lessons From 2020

As a certified introvert, I like to spend time alone. And, oh boy, I had a lot of that time this year.

It is, truly, what has made this year so good for me personally.

But, at the same time, I started to see the incredible value of having strong relationships with people you care about. Maybe because I had less contact overall, I could focus more on every single interaction, on every single person. Thus making the relationship deeper, more valuable.

In the pre-pandemic life, I often viewed people as distractions and obstructions. Of course, that didn't mean I stopped liking them. Their presence simply made me tired. Why? Because there was so much contact, yet very little of it was valuable. Because it was always an addition, not the main focus.

People are the treasures in your life. Care about them, cherish them, serve them. That's the secret to happiness.

Lesson nineteen: only people can be your friends.

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