Lesson 20: Courage


20 Lessons From 2020

I learned a lot of things this year. Probably more than ever before.

It was a year of transformation; not external, but internal. I still do the same things I did. Talk the way I did. Think the way I did. But something, deep inside, changed. It's like I swapped the OS but continue using the same programs.

Courage is my main lesson from 2020.

The courage to show up. To step down. To amplify others. To find your voice. To be resilient. To be caring. To be focused. To think. To wait before reacting.

To be present.

2020 tested us all, in many ways. But, most importantly, it tested our courage. And, whether we could face a challenge we've never faced before.

Answer that one for yourself.

Lesson twenty: courage will lead you.

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