I Don't Like Texting


There's something about texting that I can't truly handle. It's my least favorite way of communication, yet everybody seems to prefer it.

I love text as a medium of information. I love writing; I love reading. As you can see through reading this blog, writing is something I truly enjoy every single day. Same with reading: I read a book every day, for at least 25 minutes.

Yet texting is a "nasty" way of using text. It tries to imitate speech, yet it strips all the nuances that come with it. It's all about information, yet most text messages contain very little information at all. All noise, no signal.

What frustrates me the most about texting is that people all around me prefer to use it. Not just for brief, concise communication. They want to have entire deep conversations through texting! That is something I cannot handle. Why can't we jump on a call? Meet up for a coffee?

Texting makes conversations unintentional. Lacking vision, but also lacking emotion. It's like speaking through a machine that can't handle nothing more but pure information.

Be intentional; stop texting, start talking.

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