Random Acts


I run this Discord server with more than eight thousand members. I've been running it for almost two years now; don't participate in it that often, but still steward the community.

In 2020 we spent more time online than ever before. Many of us had the absolute majority of social interactions through online channels. So, I thought, how could I, in the age of online, share some realness? Not just with my friends, but with random people. From the server I founded.

So I spun up a giveaway of some little nifty physical gifts: people entered, some got picked. Now I'm packing up postcards, stickers, tote bags, pins. Tomorrow I'll be sending two packages to Australia, one to India, Canada, and the U.S. There'll be 22 in total.

Is this taking precious time away? Yes. Does it cost money? Yes.

Is sharing a bit of truest humanity and compassion with random people worth it? Yes.

When it comes to spreading good: random acts have certain results.

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