In Need


We often say we need things. Not just things, but people too.

As I already wrote on this blog a few times, being attached to physical things is a dangerous state. Materialism possesses our emotional state, decision making, mental clarity. Things should serve us; be useful. But not the other way around; we should never serve things. Being attached, tethered to a thing obstructs our freedom; our ability to live fully.

In one love song after another, we hear: I need you. We think that love is about attachment, clinging to another person. We entrust a part of our identity to them. We become dependent.

Clinging obstructs our freedom, and in turn, prohibits us from truly loving somebody. We should complement, not depend.

Here's the definition of complement:

a thing that completes or brings to perfection

And here's depend:

be controlled or determined by

To experience true love, and to be happy, we shall work towards perfection, not control.

Be free; be full.

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