Got Stuck


Yesterday, we were driving down from the mountains with a couple of friends. It was the end of a short, but really relaxing trip.

It started snowing really hard a few hours before we were due to leave. There was already a lot of snow, and ice, on the road. But we thought: better to go now, than wait - who knows how long it's going to snow?

The first few hundred metres went pretty smoothly. I mean, there was that one point when my friend, who was driving, had the brake on full, and we were still going down. But well, didn't crash into a tree.

Finally, we got stuck. There was a very dangerous turn right before us, and we couldn't back up, or even park the car to clear the road. The wheels would spin, but the car wouldn't move.

At that point I realized one truly weird thing: I got excited about getting stuck. Of course, it was stressful; we didn't know if we'd get out, and we had to cancel our plans for the rest of the day. But still, I was excited to have a challenge, to get out of being stuck.

Eventually, we got out, after getting help.

In the past, I'd be mad at myself for getting stuck. "How could you let this happen?", I'd say to myself.

Now, I don't mind getting stuck. Literally and metaphorically. Sometimes, even, I get excited about being stuck.

After all, the only way is up.

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