Honest Altruism


Giving is great. Helping is great. As I wrote in my 20 Lessons From 2020, and my year-end review, helping has truly become a key part of my core values.

Yet, I wonder: can altruism be truly honest? Where all help is done just for the sake of good, not making oneself feel better? No ego grooming? No selfishness?

Even though I often feel like my helping is honest, that I'm doing the work just for greater good, can I be truly sure that's the case? What if, deep in my brain, the desire to help is fueled by the desire to be appreciated? To be viewed as an altruistic person?

What if all of this is just virtue signalling?

To what level of sacrifice one needs to go, to truly be free of ego? Is it even the way to do it?

For now, all I can do is just work. Work hard, work deep.

Work till I'm free.

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