Everything To Hide


I consider myself a privacy advocate; or, at least, a person who cares about my privacy.

One thing I often hear from my friends is: "I have nothing to hide". And they continue using Messenger for communication, Google for search, TikTok for entertainment.

Truth is, we all have something to hide. Think about it: would you truly want your every thought, your every action, to be shared with tech giants and/or governments? Because that's where we're going.

When we know that someone is watching us we start to behave differently. We try to "normalize" our behavior. We avoid performing certain actions. Would you sing in the shower if someone was listening?. We lose our ability to be authentic, true.

Privacy is especially important for minorities. We're all part of a minority. Sure, I might be a straight white male (majority in my country), but I also prefer tea over coffee (minority). What if the government starts discriminating against people preferring tea?

A life with no privacy is a life with no diversity. Where conformism and appeasement rule our everyday choices. Diversity is our greatest strength, so we should do everything do protect and nurture it.

Privacy is a human right.

Everyone has everything to hide.

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