A rich life is a fulfilling life. Not rich in money, but rich in experience, relationship, knowledge.

Apathy is a state signifying the exact opposite.

Here's the definition from Merriam-Webster:

1: lack of feeling or emotion
2: lack of interest or concern

Apathy is bad for us. It's a step beyond letting go; where letting go is about acceptance, but apathy is about denial or escape.

It rots our lives in so many different ways. There's total apathy, often called depression. But there's also "local apathy". Where it applies to a particular aspect of our lives. Maybe it's politics, maybe it's a particular person.

Try to look for local apathy; for things you don't care about, but maybe should. Look at them up close, and decide consciously. Let go of the unnecessary ones, start caring about the important.

Don't escape; do confront.

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