Some say time is a dimension. Others consider it simply a human construct.

We can definitely say: time exists. That's undeniable. Whatever it is, or whatever we think it is, it's always been the same way. Always relentlessly going forward. One second at a time.

What definitely has changed is our attachment to time. Time as a concept, time as a construct. It has now become the dictator of our everyday lives; our emotions, our interactions, decisions, everything. What would our society be without calendars and timetables?

We've rooted out wander and spontaneity from our lives. There's no time to walk around in the forest, getting lost whoever knows how many times. Yet, a walk in the forest will always feel better than four scheduled meetings in a row, no matter how good those meetings would be.

Our reliance on hyper-scheduling and ruthless execution has, in a sense, robbed us of part of our humanity.

How much anxiety, how much vanity, how much mediocrity can we take in?

We have become prisoners of our own construct.

Clear your calendar for a week.

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